Portable Man Way Clamp and Fall Arrester Tower solution

Pelsue’s Man Way Clamp and Fall Arrest Tower work together for a portable and easily installed solution for fall arrest safety.

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The Pelsue Model number AC-34R and AC-34RX Man Way Anchor Clamp is specifically designed to provide a portable mounting point for a Pelsue Model # FT-C70 Fall Arrest Tower. The telescoping tube sections are able to be extended, via the speed and or HEX drive hub, allowing two rounded jaw plates to be placed underneath the flange of the man way thereby anchoring the clamp to the structure. The grip of the jaw plates is adjustable in order to account for varying thicknesses of the man way flange. The Model number AC-34R will anchor to round man ways having an outside flange diameter between 19" & 34" or 16" & 28" and a flange thickness of up to 1-1/4". The model number AC-34R and AC-34RX is constructed of steel and is coated with a durable electro less nickel plated finish.

An innovative, portable, industrial fall protection solution:

• Designed to access the man ways on transformers
• In conjunction with the Pelsue FT-C70 it provides a 3 person tie off that is easily installed
• Provides an approved portable mounting base for the FT-C70 fall arrest tower
• Portable and adjustable to fit numerous applications
• Corrosion resistant nickel plated finish
• HEX drive or Speed handle to secure it in place
• Protecting workers above the ground and at great heights
• Available in 2 different sizes

For more information about Pelsue or other fall protection products, click here to go to Utility Products' Buyers Guide.

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