Sonetics Stealth headsets extend wireless communication systems

New Sonetics Series designed for customers requiring light weight, discreet use, or compatibility with other headgear.

Portland, Ore.—Sonetics has announced the immediate availability of a new series of headsets for use in wireless systems requiring light weight, discreet use, or compatibility with other headgear. The Stealth series is compatible with existing Sonetics wireless systems, which can now be configured to include a mix of the new Stealth headsets and Apex or Triton hands-free, full-duplex headsets, which incorporate hearing protection.

Stealth headsets use DECT6.0 technology to deliver up to an 800-foot range, which delivers over seven times the coverage of conventional Bluetooth technology. The encrypted digital system operates on a reserved 1.9GHz frequency band (DECT 1.8GHz in the EU with a 600m. range), ensuring privacy and eliminating the interference that can plague Bluetooth or standard two-way radio communication. Stealth systems use small, rugged, rechargeable belt packs that incorporate patented Sonetics wireless technology. Sophisticated battery management keeps the system ready for 26 hours of continuous usage on a single two-hour charge.

Stealth headsets are available in seven models, ranging from simple ear buds to a rugged, water-resistant, wraparound headset designed for tactical use. All headsets incorporate microphones for full communication with microphone placement varying from invisible in-the-sleeve and discreet tactical boom to fully adjustable mini boom with integral noise-canceling technology and a wind screen. Headset speakers vary from ear buds and replaceable acoustic tubes to a small single-muff with padding.

“The availability of Stealth series headsets brings Sonetics wireless systems to a wide range of customers who do not require hearing protection or cannot accommodate large headsets for their application,” said Sonetics Vice President of Engineering, Simon Broadley. “Users can now benefit from our interference-free, wireless team communication, whether in combination with our hearing-protection headsets or in a Stealth-only system.”

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