Utility safety for transmission line construction, maintaining power distribution systems

Utility safety for workers performing transmission line construction and maintaining power distribution systems is enhanced with LBA University’s online safety training.

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Greenville, NC — Transmission line construction and power distribution maintenance are made safer with LBA University’s online safety training. Whether erecting poles for new utility lines or maintaining a power distribution system, utility workers are exposed to dangers in the course of their outdoor work. Alleviating these workplace threats is the goal of a comprehensive Outdoor Hazard Safety Certification Course offered online by LBA University®, the training and educational component of LBA Group Inc.

Utility safety hazards during transmission line construction and power distribution maintenance range from heat and cold stress to insects and poisonous plants to disease-carrying ticks. These dangers don’t announce themselves to workers as they move through high grass or labor in full sunlight at hours on end. The course offers both preventive and response information so workers can avoid the hazards or treat the consequences in a timely manner.

LBA University® launched its employee safety training program in response to an urgent imperative by OSHA and other regulatory agencies to protect workers in outdoor occupations.

The course content is supported by LBA Group’s 50 years of experience in the telecommunications and safety industry, coupled with the skills of the LBA University® training staff. Bryan Dixon is course director. He is an OSHA-certified safety instructor with two decades of industrial, construction and fire safety training experience. Details and registration for the course are at http://www.lbagroup.com/associates/outdoor-hazards-osha-safety-training.php.

“LBA University® is committed to educating hard-working men and women about performing their occupations safely, whether they on a tower, in the field, or at a busy worksite,” says Jerry Brown, LBA chief operating officer and president. “We are fortunate to have someone as experienced as Bryan to direct this course. He is professionally dedicated to workplace safety.”

In 2011, LBA University® introduced its online Tower RF Awareness Training Certification Course, which swiftly became a safety-training standard within the wireless industry. Course information is at http://www.lbagroup.com/associates/rftraining.php.

Both courses are available in English and Spanish. Sign-up is through a convenient online portal, which permits students to have repetitive access to training materials and certificate information. Employer safety managers can access training records through a management interface.

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