Power transformer meets new IEEE Std C57.154-2012 Standard

PEAK power transformer technology from Cooper Power Systems meets new IEEE standard with smaller, lighter units.

Power transformer IEEE Std C57.154-2012 Standard
Power transformer IEEE Std C57.154-2012 Standard

Waukesha, WI — PEAK power transformers from Cooper Power Systems (NYSE: CBE) meet the new Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., (IEEE) transformer standard, the first AWR increase in standards since the 1960s. The Cooper Power Systems PEAK power transformer features a high-temperature insulation system comprised of thermally upgraded kraft paper, Envirotemp FR3 dielectric fluid, and an optimized core and coil designfor a 75C Average Winding Rise (AWR). The PEAK power transformer design results in a smaller footprint and a lighter unit capable of the same ratings as a physically larger 65C AWR rated unit, and provides additional capability to manage increased loads and temporary overload capacity without loss of life expectancy when compared to mineral oil-filled transformer alternatives.

The acceptance of this new standard allows customers to deploy 75C AWR PEAK power transformers with confidence. The newly published IEEE Standard C57.154-2012TM, titled “Standard for the Design, Testing and Application of Liquid-Immersed Distribution, Power and Regulating Transformers Using High-Temperature Insulation Systems and Operating at Elevated Temperatures,” reflects new technology, allowing higher performance. Cooper Power Systems has a long history of design innovation that has led industry standards.

“Our recently released PEAK transformer technology provides reliable electric power voltage transformation in smaller, lighter units than comparable fluid-filled transformers,” said Mark Thurman, president, Cooper Power Systems, a division of Cooper Industries plc. “Cooper Power Systems is proud to lead the way, and be the first transformer manufacturer to utilize the design and application principles in this new standard for our PEAK transformers.”

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