Modular Barrier System Provides Work Site Safety

For the utility contractor, barriers play a critical part in work site safety. Tenax LIMIT Modular Barriers provide efficient, effective protection for utility workers and the public.

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For the utility contractor, barriers play a critical part in work site safety. Cones and warning tape are often used to act as visual barriers in work zone areas. While these products are frequently used, they can be time consuming to install and do not offer high visibility.
Contractors now have a more efficient and effective choice with the Tenax LIMIT Modular Barriers. This time and cost saving visual barrier provides protection to the utility worker and the public. Featuring a patented frame connection system, LIMIT Modular Barriers protect small work areas such as manhole cover openings. And, for larger areas, multiple sets of panels can be set up and linked together using Tenax connectors. The LIMIT barrier unit weighs less than 50 pounds, so it can easily be handled and set up by one person.
Whether its excavation safety or above ground repair, LIMIT offers the contractor an alternative to traditional barriers. Among LIMIT benefits: It is a self-contained system, no additional posts or accessories are required for installation; set up is quick and easy; LIMIT is durable and long lasting; the orange and yellow colored models offer high visibility for work site safety; and reflective material on the vertical sides of the frame allows for nighttime visibility.
The framework is covered with a high-density polyethylene safety fence with a large surface area—making the product easy to see, even from a distance. In addition, the safety fence portion of the unit is ultraviolet (UV) stabilized.
While safety is always the main concern for contractors on a job site, it is not the only concern. Utility companies and their employees take pride in the work they do and the image they project. LIMIT offers a clean look so job sites appear secure and orderly.
Tenax Corp., a U.S. manufacturer, has enhanced its core product line of safety fence and warning barriers with the LIMIT product. Other safety/construction products offered by the company include a variety of safety fence products, debris control netting, privacy screening, ground protection products and accessories (rebar caps and fence ties).
The LIMIT Modular Barrier system is comprised of square metal frames—available in 40 in. or 48 in.—that are lined with reflective material on the vertical sides for high nighttime visibility. Each set consists of four panels. At the bottom, these metal frames have metal “feet” that can be turned to stabilize the structure. Tenax then “shrinks” a circular piece of safety fence onto the metal frame, ensuring a tight fit and optimal strength. The LIMIT is available as a green, orange, or yellow safety fence with circular mesh openings.
To install the system, unfold and pull out the legs attached to the bottom of each metal frame so they are sitting perpendicular to the bottom. Curve the panels as needed. If the LIMIT system is to be used for traffic control or roadway safety, place sand bags on top of each of the feet for added safety and stability. After work is completed at the site, the legs can easily be turned in and the frame folded flat for easy transport to the next job. Minimal space is needed for storage, and LIMIT fits easily in most work vehicles.

• Easy to set up,
• Easy to transport,
• Occupies minimal storage space—foldable,
• Reusable,
• Lightweight yet durable,
• Resistant to atmospheric agents, and
• Highly visible.

Common Uses for LIMIT as a Traffic Barrier:
• Utility work,
• Road work,
• Restricted areas,
• Building sites, and
• Identifying obstacles and dangerous areas.

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