Hurricane Sandy update

Earth Networks/WeatherBug Hurricane Sandy update, by Chief Meteorologist Mark Hoekzema.

• "We are expecting long duration power outages"
• "We are already seeing some coastal flooding even with the storm 200 miles off the coast."
• "Could cause blizzard conditions and heavy snow in the Appalachias."
• 190 miles east of Atlantic City, at 11 a.m. local time (Eastern time zone)
• This is showing a landfall in southern NJ this evening
• Heaviest rain is from Central Maryland down to Virginia right now
• As this storm pushes in, we are expecting very heavy rainfall in the mid-Atlantic region
• Wind gusts of over 50 mph have been seen near Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We are going to see these wind speeds increasing.
• Much of the East is under some kind of weather advisory, whether it's flooding or hurricane warnings or tropical storm warnings. There are even some blizzard warnings out there.
• There is a large area of impact.
• We are going to see storm surge, flooding. Flooding at high tides will be worsened by the full moon we are having.
• We're expecting sustained winds 25-50 mph along the NJ coastline.
• Worst areas extend from RI and Connecticut down to Northern Maryland
• We expect to see gusts of over 70 mph
• Roughly 25,000 power outages now, but we expect it to go into the millions. Multiple millions will be without power overnight and into Oct 30 morning
• Heaviest rains will be in the Delmarva Peninsula and into Virginia.
• Leaves coming off the trees will clog storm drains. There will be a lot of urban flooding
• Almost 10 inches of rain so far in Hampton City, Virginia
• As much as 7 inches of rain on average will fall through Thursday onto central Maryland
• Storm surge is going to be a significant issue. We saw storm surge washing over the boardwalks in Ocean City, NJ. Coastal highways and coastal cities will be hit hard. Lunar high tides from the full moon will add a couple more feet to these surges.
• Long Island Sound will be particularly hard hit
• Sand erosion and debris will cause secondary damage to coastal cities, he said.
• Northerly winds in the Chesapeake Bay area will tamp down damage a bit, but bridges are closing and visibility is extremely low.
• 9-11 feet of storm surge, especially around high tides, in Long Island Sound and the Raritan Bay of NJ and the Back Bay areas
• An area running from NC to Penn, but centering on W. Va will be blizzard hit, as much as a two feet of very wet snow with possible accumulations, he said. At elevations of about 2,500 feet, temps are already near freezing.

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