Quick-start solutions for fault location and more

Silver Spring Networks accelerates ROI for customers with new Speed-to-Value Program offerings.

Redwood City, Calif.—Silver Spring Networks, a networking platform and solutions provider for smart energy networks, has announced the Silver Spring Speed-to-Value program, a new initiative enabling utilities to rapidly scope, deploy, test, and measure specific solutions to extract even greater ROI from their smart grid investments. Silver Spring’s open, IPv6-based networking platform has connected more than 12 million homes and businesses worldwide and enables utilities of all sizes and across all geographies to deploy the broadest array of applications atop a common platform.

The Silver Spring Speed-to-Value program combines Silver Spring’s industry-leading technology and professional services into easy-to-implement offerings for Distribution Automation, Fault Location, Load Control, and Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR). Building atop Silver Spring’s standards-based Smart Energy Platform, utilities are able to quickly and easily deploy these new smart grid solutions and quantify the benefits faster than ever before.

“Our extensive experience networking more than 12 million homes and businesses around the world enables us to prove out business cases faster in these four critical areas—Distribution Automation, Fault Location, Load Control, and CVR,” said Anil Gadre, Executive Vice President of Products, Silver Spring Networks. “We’ve worked hard to make these four solutions easy to try, easy to get results from, and easy for customers to use to create business cases for full deployment.”

The Silver Spring Speed-to-Value program includes four initial offerings:

• Distribution Automation Speed-to-Value Solution: Jump-start a new protection and control application across several feeders or see the benefits of communications-ready DA equipment with this integrated offering. It includes networking devices, configuration and management software, field tools, and deployment and testing services.
• Fault Location Speed-to-Value Solution: Cut costs of outage location by up to 75 percent with these next-generation grid sensors compared to non-communicating FCIs. Leverage their monitoring of temperature and current to proactively identify out-of-balance or overloaded circuits. The offer includes four triplets of the FCIs, a cellular take-out point, cloud-based access to the management application, and monitoring service.
• Load Control Speed-to-Value Solution: See how Silver Spring’s Direct-to-Grid technology improves demand response program performance, significantly increasing net benefits to the utility over legacy systems. The speed-to-value offer enables a scale test, including 10,000 Direct-to-Grid load control switches, head-end management software, field tools, and deployment and project management services.
• Conservation Voltage Reduction Speed-to-Value Solution: Silver Spring’s UtilityIQ Voltage Optimizer CVR solution leverages real-time premise-level AMI data to deliver up to 4 percent energy savings, compared to CVR’s typical 1 to 2 percent. Test this next-generation application on a substation with this offer that includes a voltage assessment, the CVR software, integration with your DMS, and measurement and validation of your CVR results.

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