Aerial efforts underway to restore power to the Northeast

“Superstorm” Sandy leaves more than 5 million without power.

Gettysburg, Pa.—Haverfield Aviation has been working since October 25 to support the utility market in the northeast with aircraft and crews for emergency storm response to repair anticipated damage from “Superstorm” Sandy. The Haverfield Emergency Storm Response (ESR) Team led the logistics operations to ensure personnel and equipment was ready for action.

The ESR Team coordinated planning preparedness with, and is providing recovery services to:

• Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE)
• National Grid
• NSTAR Electric & Gas Corp. (NSTAR)
• Northeast Utilities (NU)
• First Energy Corp. (FE)
• Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPL)
• New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG)
• Dominion Power
• Central Maine Power Co. (CMP)

As of October 30, all 20 Haverfield aircraft and 28 employees are actively assigned to projects, and are on the scene and in the air, or in route to affected areas. We will be sharing dispatches, photos and video from the field as they become available.

About Haverfield Aviation
Haverfield Aviation, Inc. ( is the leading provider of aerial power line inspection and construction support services both in the United States and abroad. It is the most efficient provider of energized line services in the U.S.

With a fleet of 20 helicopters and 150 employees, Haverfield Aviation has been serving the electric power transmission industry with a full complement of aerial line inspection, construction, maintenance, and disaster recovery services for nearly 30 years.

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