Polartec and Bulwark offer flame resistant performance fabrics

Bulwark partners with Polartec, set new standards for fabric innovation. Full layering system uses Polartec flame resistant performance fabrics.

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Lawrence, Mass.— Polartec LLC, the developer, manufacturer and marketer of Polartec performance fabrics, announces a partnership with Bulwark, a manufacturer of workwear for electric utility; power generation; oil, gas and petrochemical; mining; and industrial markets. Bulwark has employed a range of Polartec flame resistant (FR) fabrics to build a revolutionary FR workwear layering system.

Providing permanent flame resistance inherent to the yarn that does not wash out, Polartec FR fabrics will not melt or drip on skin, and are designed to keep you safe, warm, and comfortable in a wide range of demanding conditions. With over ten years of development with the US military, Polartec FR fabrics set the standard for performance, innovation and durability. Polartec FR fabrics are significantly warmer than traditional FR woven fabrics, while offering more breathability, lighter weight, and more stretch with NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112 compliance. Bulwark's new line of next-to-skin, insulation, and weather protection layers focuses on superior comfort, worker image, moisture management and flame resistance. Joint marketing initiatives including hangtags on each garment will explain the full benefits and advantages of the performance fabrics used in the collection.

The High Visibility FR Long Sleeve T-Shirt, made of Polartec Power Dry FR, is a highly breathable, soft, odor resistant next-to-skin layer with a patented bi-component knit construction designed to move moisture away and dry quickly. This garment is NFPA 70E HRC2 and ANSI certified which offers the worker a stylish alternative to the traditional high visibility mesh vest.

The collection of Bulwark Sweatshirts, Fleece and Jacket Liners, made of Polartec Thermal FR, are highly breathable, quick-drying, and durable insulation products that feature single and double velour construction which creates air pockets that trap air and retain body heat—providing superior warmth without weight. Made of a patented yarn blend, Polartec Thermal FR is available from Bulwark in several garment designs including a Pull-Over Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt and a double sided fleece sweatshirt, and a double sided fleece vest and zip out jacket for superior warmth when used as part of the Polartec patented layering system.

Polartec reinvented technical outerwear over a decade ago by merging insulation fabric with a water resistant membrane and a woven face to create the orginal Polartec Power Shield soft shell fabric, and now Polartec Power Shield FR is the first FR soft shell fabric. The Bulwark FR3 Jacket, made of Polartec Power Shield FR, is a durable and extremely abrasion resistant soft shell jacket that provides water resistance and blocks 98 percent of the wind while retaining critical breathability and remaining light for active use.

"Polartec invented the modern synthetic fleece in 1981, but we didn't stop there," comments Michael Batson, Polartec Global FR Business Manager. "We continued to push the limits of fabric technology in moisture management, insulation, breathability and weather protection. With Polartec FR, we've incorporated inherent flame resistance in performance fabrics so workers can focus on being safer and more productive in a wider range of weather conditions."

"Throughout Bulwark's history, we've made it a priority to lead the industry with technical advances, the broadest product line, most robust service platform, and diverse distribution capabilities that raise the bar for safety, durability and dependability," adds Angie Wilson, Market Manager for Bulwark. "Polartec's line of FR fabrics has enabled us to create a workwear layering system that performs at the highest level in terms of protection, performance, and comfort."

Polartec, LLC is the developer, manufacturer and marketer of Polartec performance fabrics. Polartec products range from lightweight wicking base layers, to insulation layers, to extreme weather protection and are utilized by the best clothing brands in the world. In addition, Polartec fabrics are used extensively by all branches of the United States military including the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Special Operations Forces. For more information, visit polartec.com.

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