ABB launches high-performance breaker line

ABB’s high voltage breaker will serve ratings as low as 15 kV up to 72.5 kV for short circuit currents up to 40 kA and currents up to 3150 A.  

Houston, Texas—ABB, a power and automation technology group, announced it has launched a high-voltage, high-performance 72.5 kV dead-tank breaker line, serving ratings as low as 15 kV and up to 72.5 kV for power transmission and distribution systems.

ABB began initial activity for the type 72PM40-30B dead tank gas circuit breaker in October 2011. The original 72PM was designed in the mid 1980s and will continue in production until its eventual phase-out in 2013. The new “B model” breaker is designed to meet and exceed the modern standards that harmonize between the IEEE and IEC global standards, and is based on the best-in-class features of over 9,000 units of type PM history and over 2,000 units of PASS.

To bring this compact yet high-performance breaker to life, a joint development team in Italy, Switzerland, Sweden and the US began developing a product for maximum performance while optimizing the design in order to compete in what remains the largest global market for this type of product. In conjunction with this launch, ABB also released the upgraded PASS M00 hybrid module with the same ratings as the dead-tank breaker. The PASS (Plug and Switch System) integrates additional functionality of gas insulated disconnectors, PT’s and cable plug-ins as options. The PASS remains the hallmark of hybrids globally and continues to gain acceptance due to the space savings and high availability ratings.

As a result, the 72PM40-30B has exceeded expectations and has completed testing in independent laboratories (CESI, KEMA) to validate the 40 kA, 3 cycle design. Since the designs core uses the proven CSB-0 145 kV class interrupter, the breaker performed beyond expected limits, making it suitable for high X/R ratio applications where system conditions may be beyond standards. The mechanism chosen was the popular BLK-222 spring-spring drive with over 35,000 installations on LTB, DTB and PASS worldwide.

The breaker is rated for the maximum applications of M2 (10,000 operations mechanical endurance), C2 (capacitor switching endurance), cap switching factor of 1.4 (highest level in standards) and first-pole-to-clear factor (defines most severe TRV requirements) of 1.5. The design is made so that it fits the footprint of ABB’s current 72PM and easily replaces other brands.

Production began in ABB’s modern San Luis Potosi facility this past February. The breaker will then be localized in ABB’s Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania facility later this year for dual manufacturing locations that will give ABB capacity equal or greater than our competition at these voltage levels.

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