Pad-mounted capacitor banks provide higher power quality

Cooper Power Systems’ sustainable solution improves efficiency in the underground distribution system by reducing loss and decreasing CO2 emissions.

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Waukesha, Wis.—The new Cooper Power Systems metal-enclosed, pad-mounted capacitor bank facilitates higher power quality and efficiency demands. Capacitors, in standard or engineered-to-order configurations, improve overall sustainability by reducing losses, and therefore CO2 emissions, all while improving power quality and reliability in underground distribution systems.

Capacitors maintain the necessary voltage within the operating tolerance of the system to provide stability and help extend the range of substations. Capacitor banks also reduce reactive current from the point of application all the way back to the generation, effectively increasing network capacity. Cooper Power Systems pad-mounted capacitor banks are designed to IEEE, CSA, and IEC standards for worldwide utility and industrial applications with standard ratings up to 25 kV, 3.6 Mvar, and 150 kV-BIL. Custom models are available in 1- or 2-step configurations up to 38 kV, 200 kV-BIL.

“We offer a single-source solution for reactive power compensation and harmonic compliance related concerns,” said Mark Thurman, president, Cooper Power Systems. “Beyond just capacitor banks and harmonic filter equipment, we provide an integrated approach which includes field measurements, computer simulations, and capacitor bank/harmonic filter design and specification. This combination allows us to provide a complete solution that meets power quality, safety, reliability, aesthetic, and ease of installation and maintenance needs.”

Because pad-mounted capacitor banks are becoming more popular, especially in areas accessible to the public, safety is critical. Increased public and personnel protection from energized parts is achieved with deadfront construction, recessed external hardware, and a tamperproof design per ANSI C57.12.28.

Cooper Power Systems, a leader in electrical power delivery and reliability solutions for the utility, commercial, and industrial markets, designed the metal-enclosed, pad-mounted capacitor bank to be less susceptible to animal and pollution related outages than in pole-mounted applications. They are constructed of sturdy, 12-gauge mild steel, and feature weather resistant powder coated paint. Pad-mounted capacitor banks are fully self-contained and integrated, making them easy to install. At a workable height, the unit is accessible for operation personnel to conduct routine maintenance.

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