Prevent Injury & Thousands of Dollars in Damages

Mark All Underground Utilities with Almetek's New Mini Curb Markers

The depth of utility lines vary, therefore EVERYTIME digging is required, even for small projects, a call to 811 is necessary. Failure to call before digging results in nearly 700,000 underground utility damages each year (src: Common Ground Alliance). Now, clearly marking underground utility lines is easy and affordable with Almetek's new Mini Curb markers.

Available in stainless steel, brass and aluminum, the curb markers provide a durable, theft resistant and highly visible marking system that will alert the public to call 811 before every digging project. The markers are 2 1/8" and can be purchased in kits of 60 or 120 markers. Kits can be customized for single or multiple utility.

The markers are easily installed on any curb or paved surface with tube adhesive and come in three standard designs and colors for every utility: Red for Electric, Orange for Telephone & Cable, Blue for Water Lines, Yellow for Gas, Green for Sewer & Storm Drain and Purple for Reclaimed water. Markers are also available natural/unpainted for general marking purposes. The deep embossed copy provides high visibility and permanent legibility, and the turned down edges further improve adhesion and make the markers resistant to theft or displacement.

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