Custom Coins Increase Safety and Decrease Accidents for Industrial and Commercial Facilities

Cincinnati, OH – Custom coins have helped to raise awareness of safety at industrial facilities.

Cincinnati, OH – Custom coins have helped to raise awareness of safety at industrial facilities. Whether used as a stand-alone recognition device, coupled with other rewards (like cash), or used within a larger safety incentive program, custom coins are proving to raise the awareness of safe acts and practices while lowering unsafe incidents. Tangible benefits realized by the companies included fewer lost time accidents, fewer workers comp claims, and fewer motor vehicle accidents – which correspondingly lowers insurance premiums. Employee benefits included better on-time performance and better morale among others. Custom safety coins are ideal for a wide range of industries including all types of manufacturing, municipalities and service providers such as gas, electric and other utilities, and commercial enterprises such as landscaping contractors.

Safety is a Gas at TECO

TECO Peoples Gas provides natural gas to thousands of customers throughout Florida. While TECO employees make it look easy, their jobs are far from easy – or safe. Custom coins helped the company to raise awareness of safety (and other core company values) – while lowering accidents and workers compensation claims. The coins which are minted with the company's 5 core values (which include safety) are part of a program to reinforce the importance of thinking and acting safely at all times. The program has shown great success, as preventable accidents dropped by 30% and workers compensation claims dropped by 75%. Due to the lower number of claims, insurance premiums have dropped, thus increasing profits.

California Landscapers Dig Safety

Using the attributes of a fictional character, Landscape Development, Inc., developed a unique incentive system to reinforce the company's doctrine and motivate field employees to always work safely. The incentive system is based on the fictional character "Don Mario," from a book written by Landscape Development CEO Gary Horton. Using Don Mario coins as the centerpiece of the incentive system, Valencia, California's Landscape Development has seen a noticeable increase in worker safety as evidenced by the decrease in worker injuries.

Superintendents use the "Don Mario" coins as a reward system. If they see an employee exhibiting one of Don Mario's values, like "absolute safety", they gather the crew and makes an announcement as to what they saw or heard the employee doing. The employee is then presented with the Don Mario coin enclosed in a protective plastic pouch, redeemable for a $25 bonus.

Landscape Development personnel were surprised to discover the field staff liked the coins so much that they didn't want to remit them for the $25 bonus. That's when company officials began using the information from the recognition form to trigger the bonus payment and inclusion in the company newsletter which is distributed monthly to the 1,100 employees. This form also becomes part of the employee's permanent file.

Safety Training Made Fun

TECO North Division manager James Farriss recalls the first coin which he handed out. After a brave volunteer correctly recited the 5 core values, he was given a coin. "You'd have thought that I handed him a million dollars" recalls Farris. "I went out into the parking lot later that afternoon and saw him talking to some of our utility guys who were about to go out into the field. It was amazing how envious they were. He was actually training them – going over the core values in the parking lot."

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