Hella offers new optical warning systems catalog

LED and strobe-based warning systems for heavy-duty use.

Peachtree City, Ga., March 17, 2010—Hella Inc., the North American aftermarket subsidiary of automotive lighting and electronics supplier Hella, has released its new 2010 Optical Warning Systems Catalog. The catalog features an expanded range of lighting-based optical warning systems, including the latest in LED technology, dual technology and DOT Systems. The catalog provides complete descriptions, comprehensive technical data and application information on Hella’s rotating halogen, strobe and LED-based warning systems—as well as Hella's versatile line of mounting accessories. The catalog is available for download at www.hellausa.com.

All of Hella’s beacons and warning systems deliver the latest in available warning lighting technology, from sophisticated rotating mirror designs to advanced LED models. They are designed to meet an array of applications and are offered with a variety of attachments so they can be configured to best fit the customer’s application requirements. Hella’s optical warning systems are built and tested to operate under the toughest conditions and continual heavy-duty use.

Hella’s rotating halogen warning systems feature high-sheen, vapor-plated parabolic reflectors and bulbs that are designed as one unit for greater reliability. The dome is constructed of transparent, high-impact plastic, offering both excellent visibility and durability. High quality gear and belt drives are used to ensure dependable and long-lasting performance. Hella’s rotating halogen line includes Rotaflex/Rotafix, KL Rotacompact and KL-7000 models.

Hella’s strobe warning systems utilize ultra high-quality Fresnel lens optics to ensure accurate light output. Dependable strobe tube, robust construction and vibration resistance help maximize light output and extend service life. Strobe models include the KLX-1 (industrial beacon), KLX-7000 (multi-purpose automotive), KLX-7500 and the BSX-Micro (warning lamps).

Designed to withstand the toughest operating conditions, Hella’s LED warning systems provide maximum and consistent light output with advanced flash patterns. They maintain the coolest operating temperature and provide a low voltage warning, ensuring worry-free usage.

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