Arsenal 5725 safety bolt bag

Ergodyne's safety bolt bag stores tools, fasteners and equipment.

St. Paul, Minn., August 24, 2010—Ergodyne's Arsenal 5725 safety bolt bag is designed to safely store tools, fasteners and equipment at any vertigo-inducing jobsite. Featuring a loop design and wide body, one-handed cinch top, this safety bolt bag increases aerial job safety and productivity by keeping loose gear securely stored in a durable canvas pouch.

Ideal for workers at heights, the Arsenal 5725 safety bolt bag has a sleek design that allows the pouch to be worn while climbing and in the small spaces that surround ladders and other aerial work environments. Made from some of the toughest materials in the industry and tested at some of the world's highest worksites, this "bag with a top" ensures maximum safety on the jobs where there's no room for error.

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