Keyless high security door locks for wind turbine towers

RMP Security's Pulsecode locks provide security, lock access control and lock audit trail.

Newport Beach, Calif., August 10, 2010—RMP Security Inc. announced that it has become the master distributor for PulseCode High-Security Locks. RMP is proud to represent the PulseCode electronic lock solutions from Master Lock. The locks are a versatile access control system engineered with the distinctive E-Lock technology and with application flexibility.

"E-Lock's patented technology allows us to represent an unequaled security lock that secures and controls access to wind turbine towers to prevent tampering and theft," said Mark Nielsen, sales director of RMP Security Inc." The locks are hidden inside the door and eliminate any exterior exposed locks or hardware that can be compromised. A lock audit trail records all lock events to detect tampering and assist in tracing losses. The trail data verifies maintenance and repairs completed as scheduled and by whom."

PulseCode utilizes E-Lock technology—a distinctive security concept that enables the PulseCode system to operate without direct contact between the lock and key. In fact, there's no keyhole or conventional key at all.

Instead, E-Lock technology uses an encrypted sequence of mechanical pulses transmitted by the keypad through a solid surface. The opening code passes straight through to the lock—even through solid metal, wood or glass. If the lock hears the correct code sequence, it opens.

The 32-digit, randomly encrypted code allows for billions of possible code combinations. This makes the PulseCode system extremely secure, because it never uses the same code twice. So it's impossible to imitate the keypad—even by recording the code.

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