Pulse introduces dual-band ceramic antenna for 850 and 1900 mHz bands

New W3047A antenna provides high-quality radio interface for multi-purpose, machine-to-machine devices such as automated meter reading (AMR), broadband access and monitoring.

San Diego, Calif., January 18, 2010—Pulse, a Technitrol Co. (NYSE: TNL), announces its new W3047A dual-band diversity ceramic antenna that operates at both 850 and1900 mHz bands. Designed for use in the U.S., the antenna provides a high-quality radio interface for multi-purpose machine-to-machine devices such as broadband access, monitoring, automated meter reading (AMR) and security.

The W3047A dual-band antenna is compact, measuring just 3mm wide by 12mm long by 3mm high with a low weight of 530mg.

“The W3047A has the world's smallest footprint and highest performance level for a dual-band ceramic antenna” said Kent Vu, product manager, Pulse Antenna Division. "It saves board space, is easy to incorporate, and is a cost saving solution, factors which make it desirable for an engineer to design in.”

The W3047A is RoHS compliant and fully compatible with surface mount devices. It is easy to implement and comes with Pulse's worldwide technical support. The antennas are packaged in tape-and-reel.

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