Capital Safety introduces Saflok Pole Anchor System

System helps make pole climbing fast, simple and safe.

Orlando, Fla., January 22, 2010—DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand, introduces the Saflok Pole Anchor System. This system allows linemen to free-climb poles with 100 percent fall protection. Designed to address the most congested pole scenarios, it enables workers to climb into position around common pole obstructions, such as multiple conductors, equipment, vines and foliage.

The Saflok Pole Anchor System makes climbing fast, simple and safe. Based on extensive linemen field testing, the system provides workers various options to suit their climbing styles, making it flexible, easy-to-use and safe. In a rescue situation where every second counts, a fallen worker can be lowered to the ground quickly and easily.

“Climbing utility poles is not an easy job,” said Tim Maroushek, product manager for systems and anchors with Capital Safety. “Guys want to be able to free climb into position before belting-in and are required to have 100 percent fall protection while doing it. Linemen need equipment that is designed to quickly, easily and safely address their unique fall protection needs.”

The Saflok Pole Anchor System is easy to use and operate. After connecting the installation/removal tool to a standard hot stick pole, the tool is inserted into the end of the anchor tube. The worker raises the tube to a secure anchorage at or near the top of the utility pole and attaches the rope grab with integrated shock-absorbing lanyard to the dorsal D-ring on his harness, then climbs into position around virtually any obstruction, while maintaining 100 percent fall protection at all times.

The basic system comes in a kit that contains an anchor tube, 80-foot dielectric rope lifeline, installation/removal tool, carabiner and rope grab with integrated shock absorbing lanyard all stored in a weather-proof bag.

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