Lighting is energy efficient

Cooper Industries expands cost-saving electrical products.

Houston, November 24, 2010—Cooper Industries (NYSE: CBE), a provider of electrical solutions, continues to expand its range of products that enhance energy efficiency, save money and reduce maintenance requirements.

With today’s building owners and managers facing intense pressure to reduce energy and HVAC costs, eliminate noise and provide tenants with an increased amount of usable electrical power, Cooper Power Systems’ new Triplex Indoor Power Center (IPC) functions as an innovative solution. By taking advantage of the fire resistant properties of soy-based Envirotemp FR3 dielectric fluid to permit installation in limited space areas, the Triplex IPC delivers measurable value to building owners before the power is even turned on.

Recently installed at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Building, the installation is designed so that a building tenant might expect to see a 35 percent reduction in energy costs, up to a 20 percent reduction in HVAC costs and up to a 50 percent reduction in noise levels.

For building owners and municipalities looking to make the switch to more energy-efficient outdoor lighting, Cooper Lighting’s outdoor LED lighting products present the broadest offering of fixtures and optical distributions to maximize performance and energy savings. The Lumark RC LED Cobrahead, in particular, incorporates Cooper Lighting’s patent pending LED LightBAR technology to provide energy savings between 30-75 percent over standard high intensity discharge (HID) sources. In line with ongoing energy reduction and conservation goals, the city of Waukesha, Wis. recently purchased 1,200 Cooper Lighting RC LED Cobrahead units.

Cooper Crouse-Hinds offers a wide range of LED luminaire options suitable for use in industrial and hazardous applications. Designed to improve safety, reliability and energy efficiency, Cooper Crouse-Hinds’ LED products offer superior lumens per watt and are subjected to rigorous testing and qualification for harsh and hazardous environments. The Cooper Crouse-Hinds family of LED luminaires now consists of eight product series, providing long-life solutions for general and targeted illumination, emergency and exit lighting, and visual signals and obstruction lighting.

The Cooper Crouse-Hinds 98-watt Champ VMV LED luminaire provides the same light output as a 175W metal halide fixture, but consumes 53 percent less energy, cutting lighting electricity consumption in half. The Champ LED product was a category winner in the 2010 Electrical Construction & Maintenance Product of the Year competition.

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