Mobile video surveillance

Doosan Infracore Portable Power’ Blackhawk MVS6 Mobile Video Surveillance provides six months of site security.

Statesville, N.C., November 3, 2010—Doosan Infracore Portable Power introduces the Blackhawk MVS6 Mobile Video Surveillance. This new security solution allows remote monitoring of jobsites or other outdoor areas at substantially less cost than employing security manpower. The Blackhawk MVS6 (Mobile Video Surveillance) is an extra set of eyes to effectively monitor and record images in various environments such as construction sites, parking lots, event venues and equipment yards.

The Blackhawk MVS6 uses a self-contained power unit, which employs a hybrid power system of solar and diesel technology to provide up to six months of uninterrupted remote operation. Its wireless technology makes remote operation simple yet flexible for any environment, and its anti-theft features ensure that it is a solid investment for any jobsite.

The Blackhawk MVS6 can be remotely operated, using software that connects the user to the system’s day/night imaging camera and onboard DVR. Three communication connection options (Wi-Fi radio, hard wire Ethernet and cellular) allow authorized users with the IP address and password to access the unit. From a remote location, the operator can control the pan/tilt/zoom functions of the camera; turn the engine and lights on and off; access operating statistics, such as run mode, battery power level, fuel level, and ambient temperature; and even receive alert messages.

The Blackhawk MVS6 hybrid power system utilizes a combination of solar and diesel technology for up to six month continuous operation. The 85-watt solar power array continuously charges the system’s three deep cycle batteries. A 6-kilowatt diesel generator with a 27-gallon fuel tank provides power to auxiliary outlets and a standard lighting feature. The generator also provides supplemental battery charging when sun exposure is limited.

The Blackhawk MVS6 wiring is housed inside a durable, tamper-resistant, lockable enclosure that protects the unit from theft and vandalism. The Blackhawk MVS6 also employs a tilt alarm with a local horn and remote monitor indication.

The Blackhawk MVS6 is easy to use; it requires only one person to set up and can be deployed under almost any condition. The Blackhawk MVS6 meets the highest industry standards, cited to make it the most rugged, portable security system available.

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