Respirator improvement allows easier breathing

PeakFit offers improved respirator design, allowing workers and employers to breathe easier.

Cleveland, September 16, 2010—OSHA reports that in 2009, over 3,800 workplace respirator violations occurred. Employers often face the challenge of getting their employees to wear respirators, due to complaints about improper fit, discomfort from pinching or scratching, and difficulty breathing. The PeakFit respirator from Gateway Safety is a complete solution for many of these wearer issues, helping to alleviate employer concerns over worker compliance.

Specifically engineered to dramatically increase comfort without compromising safety, PeakFit’s design provides a nearly custom fit for users of all types, regardless of industry. PeakFit has a contoured shape and an ample coverage area to increase ease of breathing despite potentially difficult conditions. As a result, employee fatigue is reduced, thus potentially helping to lower accident rates. Its molded, cushioned nose bridge fits most faces, eliminating the typically uncomfortable metal nose “pinch.” An integrated, one-piece cloth head strap is fully adjustable for a custom fit and is more durable than most loosely constructed stapled versions.

PeakFit is a NIOSH-approved N95 air-purifying respirator and is available in three versions: original PeakFit (filtration against aerosols free of oils below permissible exposure limit [PEL]), PeakFit OV (additional filtration against aerosols free of organic vapors below PEL), and PeakFit AG (additional filtration against aerosols free of organic vapors and acid gases below PEL).

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