AMR utility smart cabinet offers RFI readout without antenna

Midwest Plastic Fabricator's vented PVC cabinets offer lift-off door for pole and pad mount.

Aurora, Ohio, September 17, 2010—Midwest Plastic Fabricator's new all non-metallic cabinets support the unrestricted use of automated meter reading (AMR) technologies, providing protection for the metering and components while allowing their signals to pass through the enclosure with no interference. Manufactured from UV resistant high impact PVC, the cabinets are available in numerous large sizes for hanger mount or wall mount.

Lift-off doors are equipped with tamper resistant stainless steel hardware and are padlock able. The use of these cabinets eliminates the need for external AMR meter antennae, maintaining the ability of the utility to choose their meter supplier.

Sub-panel mounts are configured for existing panel choice, or the cabinets are equipped with panels to customer specification. For example, panels made from plywood, PVC, aluminum or painted steel are available from the factory.
The vents in the doors and cabinet body are screened to prevent pest and insect intrusion. Standard and custom dimensions are available factory-equipped with hanger hardware.

Weighing less than half the weight of similar sized painted steel cabinets, the non-conductive PVC is inherently safe and corrosion resistant. Standard color choices include light grey, alabaster beige and sea-foam green.

The door swing is available right-to-left or left-to-right. A drip shield, integrated into the top, overhangs the door. For conversion of existing metal cabinet installations to AMR, the PVC door is available as a replacement for the door on the metal cabinet. This eliminates the need for an antenna on the metal cabinet.

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