Grounding connectors simplify and improve electrical grounding

IDEAL Term-a-Nut grounding connectors terminate wires three times faster than conventional pigtailing techniques.

Sycamore, Ill., June 1, 2010—Term-A-Nut pigtail connectors from IDEAL are field-proven to simplify and improve everyday electrical grounding tasks, while also helping electricians meet strict national and local code requirements. Now an independent third-party testing company has conclusively determined that grounding with Term-A-Nuts is more than three times faster than conventional pigtailing/bonding methods, an advantage translating into significant cost savings.

In timed studies assuming three pigtails per device, the research company found that the traditional technique of pigtailing used by many electricians today averaged 55 seconds per termination. In contrast, the Term-A-Nut method averaged only 17 seconds per termination. These seconds add up: if a contractor is pigtailing five hundred devices on a jobsite at a labor rate of $80 per hour, he would realize an approximate savings of $900 in labor.

To help electricians compute their potential savings, IDEAL has posted on its website an on-line Term-A-Nut Pigtail Savings Calculator. A downloadable version is also available on the site in standard Microsoft® Excel® format.

IDEAL Term-a-Nut connectors allow for fast, hassle-free grounding of steel outlet boxes, enclosures, electrical devices and wiring multiple devices, without crimping or requiring the use of tools. Moreover, the connectors can be easily removed for changes and for repeat usage. Design features include heavy duty, solid brass terminals; unique thread-forming ground screws with combination hex, Phillips and slotted heads; and ultra flexible leads. The connectors handle 18 to 12 AWG solid or stranded wire and cover a wide range of wire combinations. Term-a-Nut connectors are UL and CUL listed.

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