Vibration and explosion proof LED light

Larson Electronics’ Magnalight introduces brighter, vibration proof explosion proof LED light.

Kemp, Texas, June 22, 2010—Larson Electronics’ released a new 2-foot long explosion proof hand lamp (drop light) for Class 1, Division 1 and Class 2, Division1 hazardous location areas. Made in the USA, the new EPL-FL1524-LED series of explosion proof LED lights offers vibration proof operation, 50,000 hours bulb life and 5 times the light output compared to standard 15 watt fluorescent alternatives.

Responding to customer demand, Larson Electronics developed the Magnalight explosion proof LED hand lamp (trouble light). Equipped with a 15W LED tube style 2-foot LED T series style bulb, the explosion proof LED light series complies with UL Class 1, Division 1 and Class 2, Division 1 requirements. The 2-foot long LED light offers 50,000 hours bulb life, lighter weight form factor and vibration-proof operation. The EPL-FL1524-LED qualifies for Made in the USA, as the Class 1, Division 1 light is manufactured in the USA and the LED bulb is Buy American Compliant. Equipped with cord lengths ranging from 25 feet to 100 feet, the EPL-FL1524-LED series of explosion proof LED lights can be equipped with standard straight blade plugs or a variety of explosion proof plugs, depending on the customer’s requirements.

“The light output with this explosion proof LED light is dramatically brighter,” said Rob Bresnahan. "We have pictures of the light output on, showing the 15W fluorescent Class 1, Division 1 hand lamp and the new 15 LED hand lamp, and the result is at least 5 times more coverage. We designed the LED bulb from scratch specifically for this hazardous location extension light. Customers in both the aerospace and military sectors have been testing them for us, and the feedback is excellent, as they bought more. We learned a great deal over the iterations of our 4-foot surface mount explosion proof LED lights and we brought all of that knowledge to the table with this new explosion proof LED hand lamp. With a wide array of military LED lighting, we have over 5 years of design and development experience with LEDs. From configuration to thermal management, our experience enables us to produce high powered, efficient, durable lighting."

Rob continued, “While fluorescent trouble lights offer long bulb life, they are susceptible to vibratory damage from banging, dropping, etc. This hazardous location LED droplight eliminates this problem. With solid state LED technology, we can nearly eliminate the need to change bulbs every time someone drops the LED light. Operators familiar with explosion proof lighting know that re-lamping is a time consuming and disruptive endeavor. This explosion proof LED light improves efficiency, productivity and safety for those operators."

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