Leather protector gloves introduced

Saf-T-Gard's leather protector gloves expand Voltgard electrical product safety line.

Northbrook, Ill., June 18, 2010—Saf-T-Gard International Inc. has expanded its Voltgard electrical safety line. Voltgard rubber insulating blankets have long been the flagship of the Voltgard line. After more than 20 years in the market, Voltgard blankets have become recognized as the softest and most flexible rubber insulating blankets available. Now, Saf-T-Gard expands the Voltgard product offering with a full line of leather protector gloves.

Voltgard leather protectors are constructed of the supplest leather available, and are designed to fit industry-standard rubber insulating gloves. Voltgard leather protectors are produced in an ISO-registered facility, in strict compliance with ASTM standard F696.

Voltgard leather protectors are available in two series, VLP-100 and VLP-300, with both series available for low and high voltage gloves. Series 100 protectors are made of gold-color grain goatskin. Series 300 protectors are made of a beige-color grain cowhide and have been treated to be water-repellant—the first water water-repellant leather protector in the market. Styles 11-inches in length and longer, in both series, also feature high-visibility cuffs, for maximum conspicuity in the field.

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