LED obstruction lighting

Dialight’s Vigilant Series L-866/L-885 LED Dual Catenary Strobe warns aircraft of power lines and cable crossings.

Farmingdale, N.J., December 6, 2010—Dialight, an LED lighting technology company, has unveiled its latest innovation in LED obstruction lighting with the launch of its new Vigilant Series L-866/L-885 LED Dual Catenary Strobe, the first-ever LED white/red obstruction beacon designed to warn aircraft of power line and cable crossings above canyons, valleys and waterways.

This first-of-its-kind LED product to meet the L-866/L-885 spec is virtually maintenance-free for up to 10 years for cost savings, improved safety, reduced liability risk and positive ROI compared to the typical Xenon flashtubes commonly used in this application.

Typically, the support structures on either side of a span require five beacons per tower. Operating at the required 60 flashes per minute, Xenon flashtubes usually last no longer than eight months. At an average replacement cost of $550 per tube, plus tower-climb labor costs and the risk of worker injury during changeout, Xenon tube maintenance can be extremely costly.

In addition to its long life, the Vigilant L-866/L-885 is cited to be the most energy-efficient catenary strobe on the market, consuming just 120 watts per unit to produce 20,000 candela (cd) on white for daytime operation, and just 20 watts for 2,000 cd on white nighttime operation. Red nighttime operation draws just 45 watts to deliver 2,000 cd.

Ideal for use in naturalized areas where light pollution is a concern, the Vigilant L-866/L-885 leverages Dialight’s precision optics to delivering optimum visibility at altitude for small planes and helicopters, with minimal light scatter above and below.

At just 28 pounds, the low-profile, lightweight unit also reduces wind resistance and makes for easier, safer installation compared to larger, much heavier Xenon units. Further owing to its enhanced safety features, the Vigilant system operates on a low-voltage power supply and control box that can be placed at the base of the tower, eliminating the need to work with and in close proximity to high-voltage wiring and transmission lines.

The system is compatible with multi-unit synchronization from any single GPS controller. Each unit is backed by Dialight’s five-year warranty.

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