Tie Back Personal Fall Limiter

Miller Fall Protection introduces Miller Turbo T-BAK Personal Fall Limiter.

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Miller Fall Protection announces the new Miller Turbo T-BAK Personal Fall Limiter (PFL)–cited to be the first and only self-retracting lifeline designed to tie-back anywhere along the lifeline for greater mobility and convenience.

The Miller Turbo T-BAK PFL features an all-in-one design that incorporates a web retractable with 7.5-foot working capacity and anchorage connector, reducing equipment required on the job site and increasing worker productivity and safety. In addition, two Miller Turbo T-BAK PFLs easily adapt to the Twin Turbo harness back D-ring connector for continuous, 100 percent tie-off fall protection.

Among T-BAK's other features:

- The only tie-back retractable that meets ANSI Z359.1 standard that requires 24 inches or less of lifeline to extend from the housing when the unit is fully retracted.
- Features the Miller 5K locking snap hook, designed specifically for tie-back use and provides 5,000 lbs. gate load capacity from any angle.
- Meets all applicable OSHA, ANSI, CSA and CE standards.

Miller Fall Protection

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