Fall restricting pole strap

Capital Safety’s Cynch-Lok offers easy adjustments, lightweight design and maximum safety.

Red Wing, Minn., October 14, 2010—Capital Safety, home of the DBI-SALA and PROTECTA brands of fall protection equipment, has introduced the Cynch-Lok fall restriction device from its premium DBI-SALA line. The Cynch-Lok fall restricting pole strap is the most user-friendly device of its kind, offering effortless adjustments and a unique design that will “cynch” around a pole to limit fall distances when used correctly.

With an easy-to-use, lightweight yet durable design, the Cynch-Lok pole strap was engineered to meet the demands of linemen everywhere. Its exterior strap offers simple slide-into-place adjustment to fit the pole and to allow climbers to adjust to the pole diameter while climbing, while the interior lanyard provides a rope adjustor for climbers to quickly and easily position themselves on the pole. This strap interchangeability maximizes versatility and longevity by eliminating the need for multiple devices.

Ergonomic strap ends give the user a comfortable gripping location away from pinch hazards and allow for standard hitch-hiking motion without aggressively manipulating the strap up and down. Cynch-Lok also features an abrasion-resistant sleeve to help prolong product life. The sleeve is mobile, permitting adjustment on the pole if needed and allowing fast, easy access to inspect the interior rope underneath.

“Cynch-Lok was developed by linemen, for linemen, and is the most user-friendly device of its kind in the industry,” said Nate Bohmbach, product manager for Capital Safety. “Climbing wood poles is one of the most difficult applications in the realm of fall protection, so it’s crucial to provide climbers a fast, simple and, most importantly, safe fall restricting system to conquer the variety of wood poles in the field today.”

Depending on what size and type of pole the user is climbing, the exterior portion of the Cynch-Lok strap can be exchanged for different lengths, offering complete field versatility. Both distribution and transmission sized models are available, and separate exterior straps are offered as options for linemen who climb poles of various diameters. Further, these straps can also act as replacement pieces in the event the unit is damaged in the field. This lowers the cost of ownership, as the entire system would not need to be replaced.

Cynch-Lok also features a specially designed cleat and carabineer that will restrict a fall during a cut-out by gripping the pole when the strap itself “cynches.” Additionally, DBI-SALA’s I-Safe identification tags and cover keep labels protected and legible, while the wear-indicating strap and rope utilize an indicating core to signal whether the device needs to be replaced for complete safety. The Cynch-Lok fall restricting pole strap is approved to meet the stringent Canadian CSA Z259.14 standard for type A straps and its gated connectors are ANSI Z359 approved.

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