Winter liners keep workers warm on frigid workdays

Ergodyne expands N-Ferno Extreme Warming product line.

St. Paul, Minn., October 6, 2010—Ergodyne has announced the expansion of their N-Ferno Extreme Warming product line to include two new N-Ferno 3-Layer FR Winter Liners available in regular (6873) and shoulder (6877) lengths. These extreme winter liners not only keep workers warm on the most frigid workdays—they also keep them FR protected with a Banox FR3 cotton shell (ATPV 9.4cal/cm2).

As its name suggests, the N-Ferno 6873 and 6877 Winter Liners feature three layers of warmth and protection: a Banox FR3 cotton shell, a foam mid-layer and poly-fleece liner. In addition, warming pack pockets, hook and loop chin wrap, and hardhat suspension attachments deliver an effective, easy-to-wear cold weather solution.

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