Retractable tethers and lanyards

Gear Keeper Systems provides thousands of rugged, durable tool tether options.

Ventura, Calif., July 12, 2010—According to Liberty Mutual’s 2009 Safety Index, accidents caused by objects falling from above cost U.S. industry $4.3 billion last year, the fifth leading cost of industrial accidents. Yet this type of accident is almost completely preventable by using a simple tethering device like those manufactured by California-based Hammerhead Industries, maker of the Gear Keeper system.

Gear Keeper retractable tethers and lanyards are precision-made attachment systems for tools and instruments weighing up to 25 pounds. With more than 3,000 different tethering configurations the system can be utilized for virtually any industrial tool or application.

“Gear Keeper’s instrument and tool tethering systems are inexpensive insurance against the damage and injury caused by objects dropped from above,” said John Salentine, vice president and co-founder of Hammerhead Industries. “Not only that, employees will appreciate always having their tools and instruments conveniently at hand when they need them and out of the way when they don’t.”

Because there are so many ways to configure a Gear Keeper system, industrial or corporate safety engineers can easily find an off-the-shelf device to fit their need. For more specialized applications Hammerhead can create custom systems. Safety engineers are also often charged with ensuring adherence to OSHA Regulation 1926.759(a), which requires “that all materials, equipment and tools, which are not in use while aloft, must be secured against accidental displacement.” Gear Keeper systems enable compliance with this important safety regulation.

The systems are designed to handle heavy-duty industrial use with maximum break strength and durability. Gear Keeper retractables are saltwater proof and virtually jam-free with a patented flushing system that self clears sand and other debris from the retractor mechanism. With more than one million systems in use the devices have a failure rate of less than .001 percent.

Hammerhead’s industrial tethers are available in retracting and non-retracting systems and as personal attachment models or models suitable for attaching to equipment, belts and basket cranes. The devices are also designed with coil systems to tangles and various end types including load-bearing carabineers, fixed lanyards and side-release versions.

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