Ice traction device provides strong grip

Ergodyne's adjustable TREX 6310 ice traction device offers stability on ice, snow and other slippery surfaces.

St. Paul, Minn., July 15, 2010—Ergodyne has introduced the TREX 6310 ice traction device. This adjustable one-piece boot and shoe accessory features replaceable rugged steel studs and an aggressive tread pattern that give workers a tenacious grip and stability on ice, snow and other slippery surfaces. Made out of stretchable rubber, the TREX 6310 provides easy on/off and remains flexible in the most extreme environments.

Many ice traction devices on the market today use subpar adjustment systems and permanent studs, resulting in a poor fit, and, after the studs have worn down, a useless device. Ergodyne's TREX 6310 features a simple, adjustable elastic cord to cinch tight for a customized and secure fit over any shoe or boot. And for added convenience and reusability, studs can be replaced quickly and easily, prolonging product life.

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