Web application manages joint use pole relationships

Notify software answers the call to action in FCC’s National Broadband Plan.

Birmingham, Ala., July 6, 2010—Alden Systems takes a giant leap forward with the FCC’s National Broadband Plan in launching Notify, a new and free web application designed to manage joint use pole relationships. Repeatedly, utilities, telecoms and CATV companies who attempt to coordinate joint use activities (i.e. the sharing of space on a utility or telephone pole) are stymied by the process. Many people are involved, and the process or lack thereof, between pole owners and attachers causes severe delays in equipment deployment. Simply ensuring timely partner contact for work progress has proven extremely difficult. Notify centralizes communication, enforces timelines and provides real-time visibility to all activities in progress.

The FCC addresses the growing need for data sharing between joint use partners in the National Broadband Plan (www.broadband.gov). Notify is cited to offer unprecedented seamless communication since companies can designate anyone with a need to know as a contact on a job-by-job basis. Instantly, all interested parties gain access to work status and updates on a real-time basis.

Notify turns pole data into a valuable resource these companies can use to increase the visibility of pole activity. The system alerts designated contacts of poles identified for replacement, awaiting engineering, make-ready construction or attachment transfer. Notify tracks the status and current responsible party, so management has access to outstanding work and can easily escalate problem issues.

Notify’s centralized platform greatly simplifies the permitting process by eliminating paper and providing a visual map to easily identify poles. Entire Joint Use teams now have visibility at each stage of the work process along with the complete work history for each job, ensuring pole records can be updated accurately and efficiently. A current Notify customer stated that he has seen an “800 percent increase in volume of new attachment requests from cable companies in areas where implemented.”

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