Wallpack units for long lasting outside lighting

ECO Lighting Solutions' wallpack units provide industrial lighting and lasting power.

Fishers, Ind., 27, 2010—Public utilities looking for facility and outside lighting should examine the variety of green lighting technologies from ECO Lighting Solutions, including fluorescent, induction and light emitting diode (LED). For utility buildings and grounds, ECO wallpack units offer numerous economical, environmental and safety benefits.

ECO wallpack units are excellent for industrial buildings, used successfully above doorways, overhead doors and perimeter lighting. The units require little maintenance, and have proven to last more than 22 years of dusk to dawn use. The unit design is washable and bug free, greatly reducing or eliminating maintenance costs compared to existing high-energy and high-maintenance metal halides and high pressure sodium lamps that are typically used. ECO wallpack
units also use a borosilicate glass lens that eliminates the yellowing that is common to other wallpack products due to heat and ultra-violet radiation.

ECO wallpack units produce improved lighting quality and safety. Outside safety may be improved through increased foot-candles and high CRI (color rendering index) levels that mirror sunlight and provide an effective pure white light.

Facility managers and groundskeepers will appreciate the quick install of the unit with either a surface or recessed quick mount, resulting in low labor requirements for construction projects.

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