Weatherproof lightning protectors feature removable screw terminals for easy termination

Two new lightning protectors introduced for DSL/telephone lines and RS485 lines.

North Andover, Mass., April 19, 2010—L-com Inc., a manufacturer of both wired and wireless connectivity products, has announced the release of two new additions to its Lightning Protector line. AL-D3W-05 for RS485 lines and AL-D3W-DT for DSL/telephone lines are both available for sale domestic and international.

The new lightning protectors are weatherproof for outdoor use and feature removable screw terminals for easy termination. They also come with ground clamps on the outside of their enclosures, further helping install the protector quickly and easily.

Ken Burgner, L-com poduct manager for Lightning Protectors, said, "Listening to installers who use this type of equipment, we have found that a lightning protector alone isn't enough. We need to provide a solution that is both effective and simple: a lightning protector that is easy to install."

L-com has been carrying Lightning Protectors since it acquired HyperLink of Boca Raton, Fla, in 2007. To date, L-com now carries nearly 100 varieties of Lightning Protectors. This makes L-com and its website,, a one-stop shopping source for all the Lightning Protectors needed by installers today.

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