Floodlight is compact and energy efficient

Appleton's Areamaster floodlight is energy-efficient solution for lighting outdoor areas.

Rosemont, Ill., May 12, 2010—For security-sensitive areas, Appleton offers its Areamaster 250/400, a compact, energy-efficient floodlight. This integrally ballasted fixture can be used with high-pressure sodium lamps or metal halide lamps. Its installation is fast and easy, with a choice of either pole or yoke mounting.

The Areamaster boasts contemporary styling coupled with a rugged, weatherproof design. Its one-piece pressure-clad housing is machined from copper-free aluminum, and it is finished with rich bronze Polyester. For an added measure of protection against adverse environments, the lens is made of thermal-shock, impact-resistant glass, while an Alzak aluminum reflector maximizes energy-efficiency and promotes brighter lighting. Compared to conventional floodlights, the Areamaster offers cooler operating temperatures, an advantage that translates into a longer service life.

Accessories available with the package include a 180 degree cross arm mounting bracket, an aluminum top visor and a polycarbonate vandal shield.

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