Clearly mark underground utility line locations

Call 811 Markers is a clear and effective way to communicate the location and type of lines buried below.

Hackettstown, N.J., May 27, 2010—There are several hundred thousand accidental hits to underground utility lines annually. These hits result in interruption in service, costly repair fees, and in some cases serious injury or death. If the people involved with those projects had been properly educated on digging safety and those underground lines had been properly marked, those accidents would have been avoided. Almetek Industries Inc. offers several marking options that educate all as to what to do before beginning any digging project and alert them of what lines are located where.

Call 811 Markers is a clear and effective way to communicate the location and type of lines buried below as well as the importance of calling 811 before beginning digging projects. The 4 inch round embossed metal markers come in utility specific colors and can be easily installed on virtually any surface. Mini Curb-Markers are available at 2 1/8 inch round for a smaller marking alternative.

Designed for survey and construction sites, underground utility locating, reference points and a wide variety of additional uses, E-Z Smart Stakes eliminate the guesswork and provide a superior alternative marking system. They are manufactured of durable, weather resistant UV-HDPE, deep stamped for long life and come in eight standard colors and legends for all industries.

In the event of an underground hit, Almetek also offers the E-Z Hit Marker Kit that will allow for accurate marking of a damage site. The kit comes in a 19 inch x 4 inch crush-proof storage case and includes a 6-foot roll up rule, three anchor spikes, two fiberglass markers, Location/Date/Time Board and disposable camera. It conforms to Common Ground Alliance (CGA) Best Practice Documentation standards and can save a contractor or company thousands of dollars in legal fees and court costs.

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