Convection blower has wide range of applications

General Equipment's new Downforce blower features multipurpose use.

Owatonna, Minn. – General Equipment Co. introduces the new EP20ACP Downforce Convection Blower for a wide variety of applications—such as drying damp environments, keeping personnel cool or diluting contaminated air.

Used as a dryer, the EP20ACP employs convectional air patterns to effectively dry entire rooms within a matter of minutes. To do so, the multi-bladed propeller draws warm, dry air from above and forces it downward at a high velocity. The air then disperses across an entire floor, drying wet surfaces along the way. The box design also allows the fan to be positioned horizontally to produce high volumes of air for other ventilation purposes.

The EP20ACP contains a 320-watt, 2-speed motor that can be plugged into a standard 115 Vac outlet. At its highest speed setting, the 20-inch diameter fan produces a maximum airflow rate of 3,500 cfm. Even at such a high air volume, the glass-reinforced propeller keeps sound levels to a minimum.

This versatile machine features heavy-duty construction to withstand tough conditions and is highly portable. With a housing constructed from high-density polyethylene, the blower weighs only 53 pounds. To assist in transportation, the EP20ACP contains a telescoping handle and caster wheels, and it is also stackable for easy storage. Other standard features include powder-coated safety screens and a 25-foot extension cord.

Besides the EP20ACP, General Equipment offers a full line of portable ventilation blowers for use in both hazardous and nonhazardous locations.

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