High density polyethylene blend insulators introduced

Hendrix Molded Products introduces new HPI polyethylene insulators.

Milford, N.H., May 26, 2010—Hendrix Molded Products, a provider of high quality overhead and underground power distribution products, announces its offering of new HPI Polyethylene Insulators—the HPI-55-3, HPI-55-4 and HPI-55-5. Made from Hendrix “proprietary” high-density polyethylene blend, the new insulators are vandal proof and are resistant to cracks, chips and breakage.

“As we continue moving forward, we are now introducing new and updated HPI designs to expand our product offering and be more in line with customer requested ANSI class specifications. Look for these new products in the very near future,” said Tom Wilson, vice president and general manager of the Hendrix Molded Products, a Marmon Utility LLC company.

Released as part of Hendrix’s Phase II Growth Plan, the new polyethylene insulators are backed by over 40 years of field experience and are innovatively designed to meet your system’s needs. The lightweight design allows for easier handling and storage. Additionally, Hendrix polyethylene insulators are suited for safety standards to prevent glove or lineman cuts.

Suited for both bare wire and covered conductors, Hendrix HPI Polyethylene Insulators offer an alternative solution to porcelain insulators, which are susceptible to vandalism and can be problematic when paired with covered overhead conductors. Impervious to impact damage and breakage, HPI polyethylene insulators offer longer leakage distance and higher impulse strength. Additionally, every HPI polyethylene insulator easily withstands ultraviolet rays and offers greater track resistance due to the proprietary high-density polyethylene material.

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