Safety products: Hazard tape clearly communicates warnings

Utility supplies: Graphic Products’ new PathFinder Rigid Hazard Tape communicates warnings clearly with durable, striped hazard tape. It comes in four combinations, including yellow and black, black and white, white and green, and red and white.

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Safety products: Smaller than a penny, the yellow-banded dart frog packs a powerful punch that can kill or impair an animal or human many times its size. The frog's yellow and black exterior secretes a toxin that when touched, can interfere with its victim's nerve impulses, leading to fibrillation or heart failure. A wise human or animal will see the frog's striking colors of yellow and black, note the warning colors, and take cues from nature's dangerous hues.

Similarly, an article last year pointed out that the development of what we now refer to as caution tape, started from yellow as the decided internal warning color base in 1968. World leaders met in Vienna to discuss standardization for warning signs on roads. With the support of the United Nations, the resulting treaty put international guidelines in place, such as “Signs indicating temporary conditions such as road works, diversions or detours may have orange or yellow ground with black symbols and inscriptions,” which set the course for road and sign rules around the world. The U.S. followed suit with lines and road signs designated as yellow and black.

PathFinder Rigid Hazard Tape, new from Graphic Products, communicates warnings clearly with durable, striped hazard tape. Coming in four combinations, including the aforementioned yellow and black, it also comes in black and white, white and green, and red and white. PathFinder Rigid Hazard Tape may serve as a good solution in satisfying OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.22(b)(2), Marking of Aisles and Passageways.

The colors correspond to the following OSHA-required applications:
[Native Advertisement] • Black /yellow for Caution and Potential Physical Hazards
• Red /white for Fire Prevention and Protection Equipment
• Green /white for Safety and First Aid
• Black /white for Housekeeping and Aisle Marking

While many companies offer floor marking tape, Graphic Products’ PathFinder Rigid Hazard Tape is made with the same ultra-durable material as PathFinder Rigid Floor Tapes, which go the extra mile beyond painted lines or vinyl tapes. These work hard to provide maximum durability under pressure, with a tough PVC tape and gloss coat to provide extra strength and visibility. This durable tape withstands heavy forklift traffic, including braking, turning, and dragging.

Other benefits to using this rigid floor marking tape are:
• Applications to various industrial surfaces, including polished concrete, epoxy, and vinyl composition tiling
• May be used in rooms with temperatures ranging from zero to 130F
• Has reinforced rubber adhesive, and its beveled edge minimizes wear-and-tear

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