Safety products: Low-cost, fire resistive cables

Electric distribution: Prysmian Group North America, a provider of energy and telecom cable systems, announces its Lifeline MC and Lifeline MC LSZH cable systems.

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Safety products: Prysmian Group North America, a provider of energy and telecom cable systems, announced the launch of its Lifeline® MC and Lifeline® MC LSZH cable systems. With this new milestone, Prysmian is cited to be the first manufacturer with UL 2196 FHIT Certifications for a cable-and in-conduit solution that is also an armored MC solution.

Engineered to withstand temperatures up to 1850°F, Prysmian’s UL 2196-Certified Lifeline® products allow emergency circuits within buildings and transportation systems to continue operating for at least two hours in extreme fire conditions. The new Lifeline® MC and Lifeline® MC LSZH systems will utilize self-contained raceways, in addition to cable-in-conduit, to provide maximum flexibility and cost savings for an array of fire-resistive applications.

“We’ve designed the new Lifeline® MC and Lifeline® MC LSZH systems in accordance with UL 2196, the standard for Electrical Circuit Integrity Systems to offer the best possible fire rating with the lowest installed costs in a variety of applications,” said Adam Zandan, Transit & Fire Protection Manager of Prysmian Group North America. “With the widest portfolio of Fire Resistive cable systems in North America, Prysmian’s Lifeline® technology offers ease of installation, the best value in the electrical industry, and most importantly UL certified code-compliance for life safety applications.”

Unlike Mineral Insulated (MI) Cables, Prysmian’s Lifeline® products employ ceramified silicone technology to safeguard circuits from failure due to fire, providing fire pumps critical power to provide life-saving sprinkler coverage throughout high-rises, hospitals, dormitories, and other structures. Powering ventilation, exit lighting, and occupant elevator systems allows first responders to safely evacuate occupants from burning buildings. A pioneer in ceramifiable silicone technology, Prysmian customized its products to meet U.S. building safety codes, which require fire protection methods to ensure circuit integrity of emergency systems.

“In scenarios where the need to maintain power becomes essential, Prysmian's Lifeline® cables are critical to assure circuit integrity performance,” says Hakan Ozmen, CEO of Prysmian North America. “With this new addition to Prysmian’s Lifeline® portfolio, we hope to provide our customers with the widest range of fire-resistive solutions for the lowest possible cost.”

Prysmian is the only cable manufacturer in North America to rely on in-house compounding to ensure that all Lifeline® cables meet their exacting standards for quality and reliability, as well fire and heat resistance.

About Prysmian Group North America
Prysmian Group serves both the telecom and energy cable markets in North America with 2,500 employees at 13 plants across the region and sales of over $1.5 billion in 2016. Its telecom cables and systems unit produces a range of high-quality optical fibers, optical cables and connectivity for video, data and voice transmission. In the energy sector, Prysmian offers end-to-end underground cables solutions for the transmission and distribution of low, medium, high and extra high voltage systems. Prysmian Group has two fiber optic manufacturing facilities in the United States, including the only co-located fiber and cable facility in North America. Prysmian Group is a public company, listed on the Italian Stock Exchange in the FTSE MIB index.

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