Safety products: Two new badge retractors make security cards more secure

Utility safety: Specifically engineered for the rigors of daily security use, Hammerhead Industries’ new low-cost Gear Keeper Super Badge Retractors offer employee-friendly convenience and failsafe card security.

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Safety products: Protecting their companies from unauthorized entry to secure areas, sabotage and corporate spying, few employers allow all of their employees admittance to all facilities all of the time. That’s why it is critical to limit and monitor employees’ access. But when a security card is lost or misplaced, even the most secure environment is suddenly insecure. Unfortunately, most security card retractors are not built to withstand the rigors of daily use.

Hammerhead Industries’ two new Gear Keeper Security Badge Retractors are designed to prevent loss while still offering easy access for employees who use their security card frequently each day. Users have a choice of attachment; the RT5-5813 utilizes a 360° rotating spring clip belt mount while the RT5-5816 employs a carabiner clip mount that can attach to belt loops or neck lanyards. Both badge retractor styles keep the security card easily accessible for insertion, sliding or presenting when needed.

Retailing for $9.99 each, both of the new Gear Keeper Super Badge Retractors present an array of proprietary features for security, versatility and reliability. From their 36-inch extension to the 40-pound break strength on a sturdy spectra/nylon line to the pivot ball connection, the RT5-5813 and the RT5-5816 can withstand the wear and tear of repetitive use.

Built for daily handling, the retractors are constructed with a stainless steel spring contained in a high-impact case. Employee convenience is supported by the gentle and arm-saving 2.5 oz. retraction and extension force. After the badge is presented employees just have to let it go, the badge will automatically retract to its secure position keeping the badge safe and exactly where it belongs.

About Hammerhead Industries
Gear Keeper tethers are products of Hammerhead Industries, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of unique personal safety tethering equipment including retractable tethers and lanyards for tools, gear and instruments. Covered by numerous patents, Gear Keeper tethers are precision-made systems that keep tools and instruments safe, secure and close at hand. With more than 3,000 configuration options and over one million systems in use, Gear Keeper tethers are found worldwide in a range of applications including fire/rescue, law enforcement, military, wind power generation, industrial safety, trucking, oil and gas exploration, outdoors/hunting, SCUBA/fishing, communications and more. All of the company’s products are built “Hammerhead Tough” in the USA.

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