Arc-flash, blast protection isn't just a fashion statement

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Protecting yourself and your employees from arc-flash and arc-blast danger isn’t an option – it’s a necessity per OSHA and NEC requirements. It starts with an accurate arc-flash calculation based on real field tests, which will pay double dividends when you use that data as part of a preventive maintenance program. Understand that whenever a piece of electrical equipment with sufficient fault current is operated, there is a danger; and PPE will not always protect your workers. While PPE is useful, it is also expensive, impossible to test its actual temperature resistance without damaging the equipment, and a misery for your technicians who have to wear it. Consider newer solutions for your technicians who perform testing, actuation, and extraction/racking operations from well outside the danger zone. Only then can you be sure that not only is your equipment in good working order, but you’ve done all you can to protect both your employees and your bottom line.

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