Climate change already damaging U.S., fed report finds

The average temperature in the U.S. has risen rapidly since 1980

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In a 13-agency report, the U.S. government has found the country is already reeling from the effects of climate change, in contradiction to the denials of the Trump administration.

The study, reported on first by The New York Times, and which has not yet been made public, finds the average temperature in the U.S. has risen rapidly since 1980.

The Trump administration has pushed the narrative that we can't be sure if climate change is happening, or whether human activity, such as burning coal to generate power, has caused it.

“Evidence for a changing climate abounds, from the top of the atmosphere to the depths of the oceans,” according to a draft of the report obtained by the Times.

The evidence shows, according to the report, that manmade greenhouse gases are to blame for our planet's warming temperatures.

The National Climate Assessment compiled the report, and the National Academy of Sciences has approved it. What remains is for the Trump administration to authorize its release to the public.

The EPA must also approve the study, and Scott Pruitt, administrator of the EPA, has publicly denied climate change. President Donald Trump has said climate change is a hoax invented by China.

Higher temperatures have a far-reaching impact on Earth's climate, triggering more violent storms, heat waves and killing coral reefs.

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