Wabash Valley Power picks Omnetric Group to implement demand response

Wabash Valley Power uses demand response to manage load for lower member energy costs

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Omnetric Group, the Siemens and Accenture joint venture, today announces that it has been contracted by Wabash Valley Power to implement an upgraded demand response and distributed energy management system.

The system, based on Siemens software, will enable the co-op to better manage load across its network and increase savings for members.

Wabash Valley Power, a not-for-profit generation and transmission electric cooperative serving 23 member distribution co-ops in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri, uses demand response to meet its capacity needs in the MISO and PJM wholesale markets resulting in savings for every home, school and business Wabash Valley Power serves.

Building on a prior project success with demand response, today, Omnetric Group’s solution for the utility will provide Wabash Valley Power with a self-contained management system, enabling it to better handle wholesale electricity costs, driving greater consumer savings. The upgraded system will also enable the co-op to integrate demand management with direct control of distributed energy resources to optimize how the grid is balanced. Once the grid is stabilized more renewable energy resources, such as wind and solar, can be used to generate power.

With additional resources integrated into a network, a co-op can offer greater reliability, lower costs and more services to their consumers.

Andrew Horstman, Manager of Load Response at Wabash Valley Power said, “We are seeing a growing appetite and competence amongst communities in the US to manage their own energy generation and distribution. With Omnetric Group’s implementation of the DEMS solution, we now not only better manage load across our co-op network, but can test new ways of generating power using renewable energy resources. It’s all part of ensuring we remain at the forefront of industry change while continuing to provide savings for our members”.

Sachin Gupta, Senior Sales Director, Smart Markets at Omnetric Group said, “We are working with Wabash Valley Power to help it better understand and manage energy demand across its network. Implementing an upgraded demand response and distributed energy management system will enable it to actively manage its grid and potentially generate significant member savings while moving towards a future that is smarter, stronger, greener and more diverse”.

By April this year the upgraded Siemens solution will be completely deployed. Omnetric Group will then continue to work with Wabash Valley Power over the following months on pilot projects aimed at managing distributed energy resources across the co-op network, in order to bring more renewable resources onto the grid.

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