Power distribution: CommScope writes the book on the RF path

Utility transmission: CommScope has released a nearly 200-page e-book titled “Understanding the RF Path.” The book reports on complicated technical issues from the wireless communications industry in easy-to-read text.

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Hickory, NC — Utility transmission: CommScope has released a nearly 200-page e-book—authored by many of its engineers and technical directors—titled “Understanding the RF Path.” The book reports on complicated technical issues from the wireless communications industry in easy-to-read text, informing wireless engineers, business and marketing professionals, and other industry players about the state and evolution of wireless networks and infrastructure.

“Understanding the RF Path brings the wealth of knowledge about wireless networks that exists inside CommScope out into the world,” said Philip Sorrells, vice president, Strategic Marketing, CommScope. “This book has enough technical information in it to satisfy engineers while translating jargon into language the average industry person can understand. Our hope is that this book will preserve and advance knowledge across the wireless industry and beyond.”

Understanding the RF Path sheds light on the following topics:
• History and evolution of wireless communications
• Cell site construction and network planning
• Technology basics of antennas, remote radio heads, transmission lines and other RF Path components
• Solutions for co-siting, passive intermodulation (PIM), network reliability and site monitoring
• Specific applications such as distributed antenna systems, back-up power, microwave backhaul and network protection

What’s in it for readers?
• Installers will find recommended installation techniques.
• Network designers can use the PIM system calculators.
• Executives, marketers and product buyers can view embedded videos and gain insight into network concepts and equipment.
• Entry-level telecom professionals and students can expand their knowledge of critical wireless components.
• Understanding the RF Path also includes an overview of global frequency spectrum configurations, a glossary of wireless terms and acronyms, and author biographies in the appendices.

“We think there is something for everyone in this book, from a high-level view of the wireless communication industry down to some nitty-gritty physics formulas,” said Sorrells. “Publishing Understanding the RF Path is part of our ongoing effort—including the CommScope Infrastructure Academy and Andrew Institute—to educate industry players and promote best practices at the cell site and with other technology applications.”

A self-paced, online course that guides students through the material available in the Understanding the RF Path e-book is available through the CommScope Infrastructure Academy. The CommScope Infrastructure Academy delivers a comprehensive suite of online and in-person training resources to help organizations achieve high quality infrastructure design and installation. Academy instructors leverage CommScope's proven expertise in solutions for data centers, intelligent buildings, in-building wireless, intelligent infrastructure management and the RF path. CommScope also offers hands-on training courses for wireless network installers and network engineers through the Andrew Institute.

For more information about CommScope or other RF path data, click here to go to Utility Products’ Buyers Guide.

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