Switchgear offers utilities optional 10 cycle- or 10-second transfer capability

Electrical distribution: Trayer offers Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) options for medium voltage padmount, vaultmount and submersible switchgear, allowing multiple feeder sources to sustain critical loads in either 10 seconds or 10 cycles, based on utility requirements.

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San Francisco, CA – Energy management: Trayer Engineering Corp., a manufacturer of high-performance, medium-voltage electrical distribution switchgear for electric utility and industrial applications, announces the availability of its latest Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) in two distinct designs. Available in either 10-cycle high-speed or standard 10-second switching configurations, either ATS provides robust and reliable automated electrical switching per utility-defined criteria. The ATS will switch automatically to a separate line / way when the primary line voltage drops below a programmable level. Target customers include medium-voltage utility grids employing SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), smart grid or micro grid functionality.

Due to the high cost of energy failures and the increasing reliance of consumers on uninterrupted service, utilities are increasingly integrating SCADA and automation functionality into the existing grid as evidenced by a significant trend among hospitals, manufacturers, universities and other premium customers who require more robust feeds, often involving ATS capability.

In response to this rapidly growing need, Trayer’s 10-Cycle ATS provides programmable, high-speed opening and closing of an electrical source at one-sixth of a second between multiple sources, using high-speed mechanisms and motor operators to auto-configure and reset the system. Alternatively, the 10-second “standard” ATS configuration allows the closing and opening of a source in 10 seconds in a tested, solid and field-proven mechanical way.

“Trayer’s extremely robust and reliable ATS options are available in multiple configurations, shapes and sizes according to the unique needs of the switching application,” said Michael Daish, the company’s sales and marketing vice president. “Our standard and high-speed ATS systems are built to order and are always designed and constructed with our utility customers’ exacting requirements and specifications in mind.”

Both ATS options are available in standard four-way configurations, with two source ways and two three-phase VFI-protected ways.

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