Safety products: Programmable lock, smart key for utilities

Utility safety: Highfield’s new e-lectroloc locking system controls keys, access privileges.

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Bridgeport, CT -- Work safety equipment: Highfield Manufacturing Company, a producer of high-quality security systems for utilities, OEM and niche market applications, introduces the e-lectroloc™, a next-generation locking system incorporating the industry’s first programmable barrel lock and smart key. The system offers electric, gas and water utilities a powerful new tool for controlling keys and access to their facilities and critical assets.

“The e-lectroloc represents a step change in how utilities can make their facilities safer and more secure,” says Ed Cirella, Highfield’s national sales director. “Utilities now have a powerful new tool that gives them unprecedented control and flexibility in managing and protecting their assets. At the same time utilities also need to deal with locks that are routinely compromised due to tampering or exposure to the elements. The e-lectroloc addresses both problems, which can add up to millions of dollars every year in replacements, repairs, downtime and resources.

“We think this may very well be the last lock utilities have to buy,” he adds.

Smart Control
Access to every lock is controlled by the e-lectroloc system’s smart key. When the key connects with the lock, it identifies access privileges and activates patented technology to open the lock. No key to insert into a lock and no key rotation is required for the lock to operate.

One of the key’s important benefits is its time-out feature, which allows the user to establish a pre-determined operating time or to render the key inoperable. The feature is especially useful for dealing with lost or stolen keys and for managing keys given to third-party operators.

With the e-lectroloc system utilities can choose a single group and territory code or they can opt for multiple territory codes across the enterprise. The system also includes a master key that contains multiple or all group territory codes, which lets supervisors unlock any lock within those territories. In all cases, utilities are assured that every code is unique and not shared by any other utility.

Based on changing organizational needs, locks can be re-programmed to match new key codes, eliminating the need for replacements. The smart key gives users an audit trail that documents exactly when a lock is opened and confirms whereabouts and usage. Made of stainless steel and high-impact plastic, the key is built to stand up to frequent use. It has a rechargeable lithium battery with more than 500 uses per charge.

Solid Design
The lock’s pick-proof design features a solid and sealed cylinder lock core and sturdy stainless steel construction. Without a keyway, the weak spot of traditional mechanical locks, the
e-lectroloc is virtually impossible to penetrate with normal hand tools and can withstand tampering, as well as the effects of harsh environments. Since locks can be reprogrammed, they can be reused indefinitely, lowering total cost of ownership over time. The e-lectroloc is a drop-in replacement for traditional barrel locks. It is easy to install and requires no power or battery.

Secure System Solution
The system is managed centrally by Highfield’s proprietary software system. Utilities can choose to have Highfield manage their key and lock codes, or by using the e-lectroloc software, they can manage their own key control. The system features more than four billion programmable combinations.

About Highfield
Highfield Manufacturing Company is a global producer of high-quality security products that help electric, gas and water utility industries meet their safety, security and revenue protection needs. The company also offers a complete line of locking devices and hardware, including safety valves, accessories and specialty products for diverse customers in the natural gas, utility, industrial OEM and niche markets. Founded more than 75 years ago, Highfield Manufacturing Company is part of Rexnord’s Specialty Components Division.

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