Circuit breakers: Schneider Electric introduces PowerPact Circuit Breakers

Schneider Electric adds new functionality to its line of circuit breakers, helping users improve reliability, customization, safety and drive energy and operational efficiency.

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Palatine, ILL — Schneider Electric has announced updates to three products in the PowerPact line of circuit breakers, including the PowerPact with Micrologic , PowerPact Mission Critical in two new sizes, J- and L-frame and featuring a new software analysis tool, and R-rated PowerPact circuit breakers. The circuit breakers combine safety, ease-of-use and performance capabilities with advanced energy monitoring and management. These innovative circuit breakers, with common accessories and standardized ratings, deliver a system that streamlines the selection process, speeds up installations and ultimately helps customers save money and drive energy and operational efficiencies.

PowerPact with Micrologic for Low Voltage Equipment
Customers can seamlessly integrate the complete line of PowerPact with Micrologic circuit breakers from 15 A to 3000 A in I-Line panelboards, QEDTM Switchboards and Low Voltage Motor Control Centers, providing communication capabilities for energy management and predictive maintenance. Schneider Electric is the first to have integrated energy metering at 600 A and below. Benefits of this product include:
• Monitoring capabilities for every breaker in the facility, down to the lowest levels of system, providing intelligent data to identify opportunities for improvement, deviations in energy consumption, and benchmarking and measurement.
• Mastering predictive maintenance to improve uptime by offering up to 12 alarms, allowing owners to schedule maintenance in a timely manner.

PowerPact Mission Critical Circuit Breakers
PowerPact Mission Critical circuit breakers add new J- and L-frame sizes for emergency systems or any application where continuity of service is needed. The circuit breakers deliver high levels of selective coordination while allowing maximum selectivity with downstream circuit breakers for maximum continuity. Features of this product include:
• Innovations to selectively coordinate critical systems for improving uptime and continuity, while meeting current National Electric Codes (2005, 2008, 2011).
• Compact size for greater flexibility and simplified installation and maintenance, meaning cost savings for customers.
• The new Selective Coordination Analysis online tool provides a smart, dependable way to selectively coordinate branch circuits, on two-or three-tier systems.

R-Rated PowerPact 15 A to 600 A
The company is launching new high-performance R-rated breakers with an interrupt rating of 20 kA at 480 Vac and 100 kA at 600 Vac in three sizes: H-Frame, J-Frame, and L-Frame. Rated at 15 A to 600 A, the circuit breakers are designed for high-density applications. Features of this product include:
• Innovative technology previously available only in high-breaking capacity, providing an alternative to high-power fuses that require manpower to replace.
• The R-rated PowerPact circuit breakers are durable and can be used in any application where there is a potential for a high fault current, offering the ultimate protection.
• The circuit breakers provide scalable and flexible high fault protection with the ability of remote metering options to allow for active energy management from anywhere.

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