Voltage measurement: ABB unveils DistribuSense current and voltage sensor at DistribuTech

Electrical measurement: Combining high performance with flexibility, DistribuSense sensors enhance distribution grid reliability and efficiency

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Raleigh, NC — Power measurement: ABB, a power and automation technology company, announced the debut of DistribuSense current and voltage sensors. DistribuSense delivers critical distribution grid intelligence to drive decision-making for increasing efficiency through Volt Var Optimization (VVO) and reliability through Fault Detection, Isolation, and Restoration (FDIR).

DistribuSense provides standard, high quality current/voltage output signals to integrate with meters, relays and various controllers for real time data acquisition to achieve grid modernization objectives. Utilities benefit from DistribuSense with increased reliability and efficiency by decreasing energy costs, protecting revenue, avoiding costly regulatory penalties and boosting customer satisfaction. Maximizing these benefits requires understanding grid conditions between the substation and the end user.

“The DistribuSense line of sensors will allow our utility customers to make their distribution networks more efficient, reduce their generation needs, and reduce their operating costs,” said Steve Lindsay, Marketing and Sales Manager for ABB's Power Products Medium Voltage Distribution Components business unit in Pinetops, North Carolina. “ABB is leading the way in both Smart Grid solutions as well as other energy efficiency initiatives, and we are proud to contribute to these activities.”

The ABB DistribuSense current and voltage sensors’ light weight and compact size provide easy integration with recloser, overhead switch, capacitor bank and distribution transformer devices giving utilities the full range of sensor capabilities to meet any application where additional grid visibility is beneficial. They also serve as independent sensing points for radial or loop scheme circuits to monitor voltage levels or dynamic loads.

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