Input and output expansion module

FreeWave's I/O Expansion Module increases the degree of monitoring, control and optimization and offers flexible, easily expandable wired and wireless I/O.

Boulder, Colo.—FreeWave Technologies, (, manufacturer of reliable, high-performance spread spectrum and licensed radios for critical data transmission, has announced its I/O Expansion Module was selected as a finalist in the Network Integration category for Control Engineering Magazine's 25th Annual Engineer's Choice Award competition.

I/O Expansion is the newest solution for process automation, process optimization and condition-based monitoring from FreeWave Technologies. Every device in the I/O Expansion line is designed, manufactured, tested and tuned from -40C to 75C in FreeWave's manufacturing facilities in Boulder, Colorado to provide the most reliable remote I/O solution available. Modular expansion and universal I/O channels are at the core of I/O Expansion's technological differentiators. The modular design makes configuration, installation and future upgrades a snap. The universal I/O channels allow users to train on one device and use it in any application.

The Expansion Module snaps directly to I/O radios or serial I/O communication modules without any additional mounting hardware or expansion backplanes. When connected to I/O radios, users can build long-range SCADA networks with distributed, expandable, wireless I/O while providing communications with distributed controllers. Alternately, users can use wireless I/O to create field networks to extend the reach of Remote Terminal Units (RTU's) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's). When connected to a serial I/O communications module, users can add expandable I/O directly to existing communications infrastructure such as licensed, unlicensed, cellular and satellite wireless communications. Also, users can add expandable I/O to a PLC or RTU at any point in the future.

The I/O Expansion products enable the company’s customers to build upon an existing network communications infrastructure, while expanding real-time performance management and condition-based monitoring capabilities.

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